27 May 2007

Sheepy Shenanigans

It was a very special night.... BB arrived at our place with a single red rose for Lulu, dressed for the occasion in a lovely red silk bow tie, and with serious intentions.

Lulu loved the rose...

... and showed her appreciation as only a wanton lamb can!

The happy couple enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal over candlelight - fresh coriander, olive salsa, and sangria...

And BB then displayed his talents by serenading Lulu at the piano!

The mood was definitely romantic by this stage.... poor Lily - sheeparone designate - didn't know WHERE to look!



If you want to see behind the scenes with these two naughty lambs, here are a couple of pics of my partners in crime Bells and Othlon doing their thing, while I'm at the camera. A few glasses of sangria and much innate silliness ensured a very fun evening! Love working with you, ladies - LOL!

Spoiler 1
Spolier 2


  1. ROFL!!!!!!

    I don't know what else to say, except that BB is a little sheepish this morning about his open display of affections!

  2. Oh no!!!! And I thought they were real!!

  3. Oh this is so funny. I've popped by courtesy of Bells filling us in that there were X-rated pics on here! te he. Sounds like a fun night. I hope Lulu doesn't kiss and tell!

  4. you guys are messed up. in a very good way, of course. what a thoroughly amusing way to start my sunday. :-)

  5. love the new meez!!! She rocks!

  6. BBs twin sister [ who lives down south with me ] was seriously not amused that she didn't get to be sheeperone.
    Now if I can just get hold of that copy of Spin Off that had the pattern for Latvian Sheepie I'm all set.

  7. The look on Lily's face is hilarious!

  8. Between those cheeky sheep and sangria (moderately) drinkin' gals, it looks like a fine night...

  9. What was BB playing on the piano? "There'll never be another ewe?"

    Thak you so much for the lovely romance story. Lily obviously is over her depth here. You people really do know how to have fun!!

  10. ROFL! What a hoot! I can only imagine the men-folk rolling their eyes at all these sheepy shenanigans!

    BB is certainly wearing his heart on his sleeve, I hope that Lulu doesnt fleece him (hahaha).

    And is that ANOTHER piercing I spy Ms L??


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