05 August 2009

Crutches Bag

Here's my Crutches Bag, one of the last 'post-surgery' things I need - it's very useful to have a little bag you can sling around your neck to carry stuff around the house, when you're on crutches for some time.

It's a simple improvised pattern.

Yarn : Cleckheaton Natural Cotton 4 ply, needles 3 mm or so. Something a little smaller than recommended for your yarn, to give a firmer fabric.

Cast on enough stitches to be wide enough - I did about 40. This bag was knit flat, and seamed at the sides - mainly to make the stitch pattern I chose easier. I love Chinese Waves, it's one of the first 'fancy stitches' I learnt; it's really quick to knit, and easy to keep track of too.

Chinese Waves :
Row 1 : (Knit 1, slip 1) across row
Row 2 : Knit
Row 3 : Knit 1 (Knit 1, slip 1) across row (ie offset the slipped stitches)
Row 4: Knit

In the slip stitch rows (#1 and #3) end each row with either k1 or k2, depending on how the slip stitches fall - ie you don't want the last stitch of the row to be a slipped stitch.

Knit til it's twice as long as you want the bag to be. Bind off. Fold in half, sew together side seams.

Knit a strap - I just knit it in garter stitch, 6 stitches wide. Bind off at desired length - and keep in mind it will stretch a lot once used. (I think my strap might be a little long.) Sew firmly onto sides of bag. Darn in ends. All done! Too easy!

Now get proficient at walking with crutches, and get better quickly, while carrying your worldly possessions around your neck ;)


  1. Thanks for the title of the lifetraps book!

    Every so often I go back and read old morning pages from years ago, and there they are again/still, the same old mazes I could swear I found my way out of.

  2. It also looks like a perfect puppeh tote.

  3. what a useful little tote!!

  4. Oh, I like that stitch - I haven't seen it before!

  5. The color looks like an Ace bandage - I think you need to add some colorful do-dads to it. On the other hand, it will "go" with everything. : ))))

    Great idea! And a puppeh tote? Hmmmm....

  6. I wish I had had one of those when I was on crutches a few years ago. It would have made life so much easier.

  7. Worldly possesions???? That would be yur knitting????

  8. oh, good idea! I love the Chinese waves stitch! It does look fanceh!
    And congratulations on your pattern in knitty! How exciting! =)

  9. That is so cute! Just the right size for a sock-in-progress.


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