04 November 2009

Crutch Cosies

Crutches have been an inevitable part of my life in recent months, and the trend is set to continue for a while yet ... I've got my own elbow crutches, which I find more convenient and comfortable than a walking stick or 'normal' underarm crutches - you can at least do stuff with your hands without the blasted things falling over! Very handy when out shopping, or doing stuff in the kitchen.

Apart from plain grey crutches being the bottom of the list of attractive accessories, elbow crutches have the added complication of having a Right and Left crutch. To avoid gauche fumbling when out, it's good to have help in quickly identifying which crutch is which, so one can look suave and in control, LOL. Well, we all have our dreams .... ;)

So these cosies double as awesome decoration, and quick identification (the right one has the purple section on it). The knitted fabric also helps them to stay put when leaning them against things - a bit more friction than a metal surface.

Coming to the rescue - Missability's Walking Stick Cosy pattern! Because of the shape of my elbow crutches I had to knit a flat piece and sew it on (under the elbow cuff and above the hand rests). Actually, I tell a lie. I knitted them, and Dotter sewed them on, after throwing her hands up in horror and unpicking my pathetic attempts at invisible mattress stitch, LOL. She's much better at it than I am!

My adaptation for elbow crutches (knit flat and sewn on) :

Use 4 ply sock yarn and 2.5 mm needles
I used Regia's Kaffe Fasset sock yarn, gorgeous colours!

• Cast on 24 stitches
• Work 8 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing
• Knit to ~ 1 cm short of desired length in stocking stitch / stockinette (or whatever pattern you like)
• Work 8 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing
• Bind off
• Attach to crutch with invisible mattress stitch, preferably using clever daughter

NB : The cosies will generally sit lower than you're expecting. My first cosies ended up being way too short, and even these second ones, which I really thought would be long enough, still sort of scrunch up and sit shorter than I'd like. So if in doubt, knit a bit more!

And isn't this pink fuchsia gorgeous? Fuchsias are one of the few flowers I seem to be able to grow - but I've only ever had the 'classic' coloured one. Bunnings got in this batch of pink ones last week - yummy!


  1. such a nifty idea. I can comfortably say I hope I never have cause to knit this pattern!

    Fuschia's are gorgeous and those ones are so delicate.

  2. You have the best dressed crutches I have ever seen!!

  3. Clever idea. I would have just written R or L on them in magic marker.

  4. Leave it to you to find a knitterly way to enhance your sticks. Bravo!

    Hugs to you and dotter. And to Petal and Lulu, too

  5. I love fuchsias! When I was very little, my mom taught me how to pop the tight buds.

    Why do I never buy myself a fuchsia basket in the spring?


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