12 July 2011


Miss Petal has a fairy godmother, LittleNeedles, who lives in Nevada ... look what she sent her all the way from America!

This is a Fidorido car seat for dogs. It buckles in to the car, like a child's car seat. The seat belt runs across the cushion, which is underneath the fleecy cover (which is removable and washable).

The pup puts on a close-fitting harness. There are straps at the side of the car seat which are clipped on to metal rings on the side of the doggy harness, so the goggy is tethered securely in place, but can still stand up, sit down, and walk around a little!

Petal has a bad track record with car travel, she hates the regular doggy car harness (which is just looped through a seat belt), carries on and gets tangled up and complains loudly the whole time!

I took her out for her first little ride just now, and she did very well! She complained a little, and got a little caught up in the straps once, but it was a massive improvement over her usual car trip experience!

Apparently it also makes a good dog bed inside, but for the moment I think we'll keep it in the car (back seat in general).

And even better? It has room for TWO little goggies ..  ;)

Thank heavens for goggy fairy godmothers!!!