24 January 2012

Teapots & Words

I know it's been ages ... blame these books! Between writing two Dummies books at once, and keeping up with my syndicated puzzle commitments, there aren't many hours left in the day. Plus we have a lodger now, and Dotter has moved back home, so she's in my office, and I'm in the family room, and ... it's good, but the house is very full and a bit mad.

Isn't this teapot PERFECT? It's a Paul Cardew design, which I discovered online. Only one shop in America was still selling it ... it's just a two cup pot. I especially love the ceramic fountain pen handle on the lid! They clearly didn't get a crossword setter in to help with the layout of the grids ... they aren't fully filled in, and include (unnecessarily and offensively) words about COFFEE. Shock horror!

Mr Griffles continues to grow both in size and adorablage. He is a little fluffy powerhouse, running full tilt at the world! He loves to chase it tail until he staggers from being so dizzy, and watches TV! I've never had a TV-watching dog before, it's so funny, he barks at the bad guys when they shoot their guns!

Griff is also a water dog - another first for us. He loves to splash his paw in his water bowl, and has a shallow wading pool out the back to play in. So funny!

He and Miss Petal are mostly getting on now — they'll even sleep in close proximity now ... there are plenty of tussles and growls and roughhousing too, though, but on the whole, I think it's going well. We've just got one of those clever 'slot into your sliding door' panels with a doggy door at the bottom, and Griff has mastered it in 24 hours. Petal isn't so keen on it though, even with liver treats on the other side!

OK, back to the insane and brain-hurting world of cryptic crosswords. You think it's mind-numbing solving them? Try writing them  >.<