07 April 2014

Another moving experience

Apologies for disappearing for quite some time ... we decided to start looking for a new place to rent in late February, and things moved unexpectedly quickly!

So — after several horrendous weeks of which we shall not speak — we are back in Weston Creek.  Very happy to be back in the area, and on a quiet suburban street. Ten years of living on main roads has been wearing. We're much closer to Mt Stromlo, and our other main destinations (largely doctors and the hospital).

Our new place has a downstairs area for the kids (one of our main reasons for moving, to find a place with a more separate living space for them, seeing as they're not able to afford to live independently yet). It comes complete with a full bar (including — bizarrely — cash drawer, sink, and three drinks fridges), wood-burning stove, small bathroom, and several rooms, and internal access to a big garage (glass workshop). 

Upstairs is for Hubby and me — four bedrooms (Hubby has his own study for the first time), kitchen with a gas stove and saucepan drawers (where have you been all my life?!), good sunny living areas, and two porchy / balcony thingies. With views!

The garden is leafy and lovely to be in (unlike our last place), and there is a paved area under cover for entertaining, too. The pups are adapting to the new surroundings, and we're all gradually settling in. The question of 'Where is ...' is less frequently answered with 'In a box somewhere!' so I guess that's progress!

We've not unpacked at least half of our boxes, and are loving the simpler minimalist feel of the upstairs section (kids' area is another matter!). So I still want to sort and declutter the rest of our stuff, and only store a bare minimum.

I calculated that this is the 27th home I've lived in. And the house in Gordon was the longest, at just over 6 years! No moss on this stone! But I am rather over the whole 'moving house' thing ... don't want to do this too many more times.