27 July 2010


I've always wanted to do this, so when I found a special 'forcing vase' at an op shop a few months back, I grabbed it, and bought myself a hyacinth bulb. It's taken some weeks to sprout ... isn't it gorgeous? And I love the scent.

From early June ...

And a few weeks later ...

This is super easy to do, here's some different instructions on how to go about it, if you want a bit of springtime inside too! I didn't follow any instructions, though, so I didn't keep it in the fridge, or a dark cupboard or anything else. I just sat it on my desk in my office (which isn't frightfully sunny or warm) and it did its thing.

09 July 2010

Something fishy

Dotter turned 19 yesterday. A few weeks ago I asked her what she'd like me to make for her, and she chose this :

It's the Dead or Alive fish hat from Knitty ...

Happy birthday my girl! Um, by the way, did you notice you've got a dead fish on your head?