10 December 2011

Announcing the birth of ...

... my latest book!

This is the first book ever written for adults with hip dysplasia. I started it in November 2009, just after my total hip replacement, and was joined by my co-author Dr Sophie West, soon thereafter. Like me, Sophie has bilateral hip dysplasia, and is in the unique position of being both an orthopaedic surgeon who does hip surgery, and a patient who has had two periacetabular osteotomies!

It's taken two years of writing, months of editing, reviews by three dedicated editors, and about two months of very hard slog for me in doing all the layout, design, illustrations, editing changes, and proofreading, not to mention registering my business Sutherland Studios as a publisher, obtaining the ISBNs (paperback and hardcover), and getting the CIP Data entry from the National Library.

A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia is 456 pages long, has over 50 illustrations and x-rays, and over 400 quotations from 50 real live adults and teens with hip dyplasia.

We are self-publishing via the print-on-demand giant, Lulu.com. We did approach medical publishers, but they deemed the book "too niche market" ... what, something that has roughly the same incidence as multiple sclerosis? How many patient guides are there for MS? And none for adults with dysplasia?!


07 December 2011

Super Griff!

Griff, our new long-haired chihuahua puppy, has landed! Also known as Mr Griffles, Fuzzy McFuzzpants, and other silly names ...

He likes to stretch (or fly) ...

He doesn't mind baths too much

He is rather shy with new people, but very cuddly and floofy and cuddly with his family. He bounces around the backyard like a bunny! He also has an advanced case of Hyperwiggleitis. Which muscle should I move? ALL OF THEM AT ONCE!

Petal was seriously unimpressed at first (the photo shows them at their first meeting!). But she's getting used to having a boisterous little brother now, after a couple of weeks, and there are more play times now rather than fights and growls.