28 June 2006


At last - some photos!

Firstly we have the back of hubby's Jet Jumper, all done, and waiting for the rest. It keeps my lap warm while I knit the front - lovely yarn (Paton's Jet - wool & alpaca).

Next is the curly-whirly scarf using short rows (courtesy of Taph); I'm into my second ball of very bright lime green Zhivago. A bit of silly fun, and how knows, it might even be a bit warm too...

Lastly, a proto-beanie or two. These are the balls of Cleckheaton's Country 8ply wool for some archery beanies. Hopefully they'll be quick to make, as it's cold on the range! The main trick will be making sure no-one aims at our heads... ;) I'll post the pattern for other archery knitters out there, or people who want a target on their head. I'm sure there are lots of you out there.

16 June 2006

Still alive

Despite evidence to the contrary, I am still alive and kicking knitting. No photos for now, but I'm into the 'foot' bit of hubby's Fibonacci Sock #1, and am a fair way into the back of his Jet Jumper (Paton's Jet, steel blue). I figure we've been married for over 20 years, so should be safe from the 'Boyfriend Curse'. Today I found Yarn mag #3, so that was a nice treat. I also bought a gorgeous shawl pin last weekend, from Stitch'n Time. All gold and glass and swirly.

Various dramas with dear teen dotter are still proving fucking awful challenging. Don't mind me while I curl up and rock in a corner... times like this I wish I could drink alcohol :/