10 May 2010

Glass Safari

Mother's Day was pretty quiet here – but I was long overdue a rest day. Hubby made me brekkie in bed (tea and toast), and I was able to read in bed *all morning*. He also cooked dinner (risotto) and Son made a Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding for dessert (nom nom nom!).

I have very cool kids.

Son gave me this necklace. Yes, he made it, including all the beads! Very special ...

And Dotter knows me so well - this is the Food Safari cookbook, which has a fantastic selection of recipes from 34 countries. I can't wait to give them a whirl! I've eaten the Jewish Orange & Almond Cake (courtesy of Bells) and it was utterly divine ...

Young Bobby Ram has been moping around the house - only change he's made so far is to experiment with a nose ring. Young Flopsy Mopsy Lamby has been bugging him, as only a little child can ... she may present enough of an annoyance to get him to go out and socialise.

06 May 2010

Little lost ram

Look what's just arrived on my doorstep - a decent sized surprise box from Roxie! It's full of delightful 10-12 ply cotton (thicker cotton is hard to come by in Aussieland) - perfect for a multitude of hand towels and suchlike! Plus books 2 and 3 in the Sanna series (written by the very clever Ms Roxie herself) - signed no less - a real treat! (Sanna and the Dragons, and Sanna meets Dauntless Swiftsure)

But - wait - what's this? Lurking in a corner, looking a little peaky from his long trip in the airless cargo hold and bumpy postie's van ... OMG, it's young Bobby Ram!

What's going on?! Why did he desert his loving family? I checked out Roxie's blog, and discovered the story :
... I got a call from the Transcendent Peace Potter's Commune and Herb Farm. They had just received a letter from Bobby. I thought he had gone home to them. The letter read, "Lulu has brok my heart and left. She mad a ful ov me in front ov my frends an famly and I cannt stand to see them laffing at me or wurse, feeling sory for me. So I am going away. Mabe someone will bucher me for mutton. I donnt care. I love you all. Bobby"

Well, at least we've found him now! Hopefully we can show him a good time, save him from the butchers, and find him a sweet gentle young lamb to help heal his broken heart. Lulu was always going to create havoc, she really isn't a lamb to have a quiet life with ... !

And yes, I frogged the Kai-Mei socks. The yarn is marinating in my stash, while I wait for my sock-knitting enthusiasm to return. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, interesting, and supportive comments on the whole problem!