16 June 2006

Still alive

Despite evidence to the contrary, I am still alive and kicking knitting. No photos for now, but I'm into the 'foot' bit of hubby's Fibonacci Sock #1, and am a fair way into the back of his Jet Jumper (Paton's Jet, steel blue). I figure we've been married for over 20 years, so should be safe from the 'Boyfriend Curse'. Today I found Yarn mag #3, so that was a nice treat. I also bought a gorgeous shawl pin last weekend, from Stitch'n Time. All gold and glass and swirly.

Various dramas with dear teen dotter are still proving fucking awful challenging. Don't mind me while I curl up and rock in a corner... times like this I wish I could drink alcohol :/


  1. I'm having major daughter problems right now too, so commisserations and hugs! And a drink sounds REALLY GOOD.

  2. ah, you know im here if you need anything, or if the kidliwink does.
    /big squeezy hug


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