18 January 2008

And the winners are...

From the OMFG I'm in Vogue Knitting Blog Comp of last week, the ten winners (courtesy of little scraps of paper with all your names on them in a plastic shopping bag, shaken all about) are, without further ado :

Hurrah! Please e-mail me your postal address (unless I already know it, Georgie and PennyD from Vienna)! If I'm going to see you soon at a Canberra SnB, we can do stuff in person. (And never fear, I never ever use personal details in any way apart from to send you pressies.)

Damn, it's hard to leave 26 of you out :( I wish I could have given ALL of you a prize - but I will do this again.


  1. How exciting! I'm thrilled to be a winner - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!

  2. w00t!! this is the second blog comment comp ive won something in this week, i think the knitting goddess is looking after her frazzled charge this week :)thanks heaps jejune xxx

  3. Oh My!! I am surprised!! How Lovely,I rarely win in competitions etc so you ve floored me!!
    Ill email you shortly so I dont forget....
    Oh and that lovely jumper in the previous post is fantastic! Love the colour and it suits him too!
    PS My boyo is now learning from his mistake as he cant go to the pool with his stitches,LOL(mothers manic laugh)though I have to admit Im never surprised what they get up to(my poor Mum never knew what my brother and I did)

  4. aaaaaah thanks Jejune!!!!
    How exciting!
    I'll be at SnB Sunday (until about 3:30), otherwise we can organise something else
    Thanks again =) xo

  5. No sour grapes here. Congrats to the winners! You will love your "prizes," I am sure! Jejune is so talented and makes the nicest things...

  6. They're going to love their goodies! Lucky them!!

    I FINALLY found a copy of VK to flip through and saw the bit on you. VERY nice. Has it increased traffic, do you think, to your blog? Because your blog address was included, too. And a lovely picture of your art, of course. :-)

  7. I haven't gotten a copy of VK but am heading to the bookstore tonight in search of one. They were sold out at the last place. Yay for contests!

  8. Yay, thankyou! I have been coveting Jejune art forever. Yay again!

    And here's me thinking I was ordered to visit becuase I hadnt been commenting....I thought I was in trouble!

  9. OH Fabulous!

    Emailing my address through right now.

  10. OMG~ well, I'll see you at SnB :-) Thankyou!

    (Are you coming on Tuesday?)

  11. Congrats to the lucky gals here!


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