28 July 2009

Sorta kinda progress

So. Called my surgeon again today, had a good chat with his nurse Karen. Dr Smith has upgraded me to Category 2 (surgery within 90 days). Which is good. However, Canberra's waiting lists are so bad that this means I could still have a 6-12 month wait! Which is bad.

I gave Karen some more details about my situation, especially the bit where my physio has told me to 'stop walking' (medium-long distances, like mall shopping trips etc - around the house and local shops is ok). Sounds like I need to be Category 1 (urgent) for anything to happen ever!

Petal continues to grow, and is very chewy and bitey with teething. She's perched nicely on Dotter's arm here ...

... but then goes in for the Sneak Attack Ear Lick!
And she's getting spots! On her sweet little belly, and head, and neck .... so cute!


  1. Phew, All caught up!

    I so hope that it doesn't get to be a Cat 1 situation but with the way waiting lists are, it'll probably have to come to that. Still, better Cat 1 than Emrgency.

    Loved the South Side Farmer's Market photo essay. I always loved the EPIC markets but I just can't get to them nowadays. I'll take on this challenge for the Wagga Farmer's Market for August. Good idea with the washcloths and soap.

    Can't believe Dottir is 18. Excuse me?!? How'd that happen? Happy Birthday, darls. And I'm bewildered by spotted puppy. Are chihuahuas like dalmations and get their spots by degrees?

  2. Awww, Petal has freckles! I just bought a new t-shirt the exact same color as Dotter's hair. Love that color!

    Hoping the upgrade works before you need further upgrades. What irony - you're wishing they would hurry up with your surgery.

  3. It works that way with organ transplant lists here. You have to be at the end of your rope to get on the list. You'd think they'e want to operate on someone who was still in fair shape rather than wait until their hip was going to fall apart! I'm thinking positive surgery thoughts for you. I know how hard it is to wait. (and to be eager for surgery seems odd, doesn't it?)

  4. Glad to hear you cat "2" now ... yes, some progress. All in due time. That Petal sure is a cutie! So is Dotter.

  5. Oh, she's sooo cute! Glad to hear of the bump-up to Cat 2... and I'll keep my fingers crossed it'll be on the sooner side!

  6. I hope everything gets straightened out soon with your surgery. It doesn't sound like a good place to be at the moment.

    Bucky's spots are CONSTANTLY changing. He gets new ones, his old ones fade, it's bizarre. The vet had no explanation as to why, just that they change colors. huh... who knew!

  7. Oh - she is so pretty - and so is the puppy!LOL!

    So awful - sounds as if ACT waiting lists are nearlya s bad as Tas - at least you don't have to drive 4 hours for urgent surgery - only to be told that is is cancelled - for the 4th time - but still - more than bad

    At least you slide up the lists - hope all else is good good good

    And don't forget to practive lowering your housework standards while you wait!


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