08 March 2010

Friends from far and wide

Saturday was a very exciting day at our place. Janette and Roxie (and their lovely better halves) came to visit! Janette from Sydney, and Roxie all the way from Oregon USA!! Look - proof!

It was a real treat to meet a blog friend from so far far away - and to see Janette again too! All this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for our blogs - isn't that a funny thought!

Ms Lulu was very excited. She got a new dress, and (in true form) stole a bracelet and earrings from my jewellery box to wear for the occasion.

I didn't realise why she was so excited, until our guests arrived ... Bobby and Bucky Merino had hitched a ride with Roxie! I gather Bobby and Lulu have had some correspondence before they met, too. No wonder she kept scampering out of my office at odd hours ...

The boys brought her gifts - a tinsel boa, and a bellydancing belt!

Us humans received some lovely gifts as well, cheerful Hawaiian pineapple set of kitchen linen (tea towel, oven mitts, coasters ...), beautiful flowers, some gourmet olive oil, and this very special sparkling wine from Oregon (called Argyle, perfect for a knitter, no?). Hubby and I will enjoy this next weekend, for our 25th wedding anniversary!

Lulu lapped up the attention. Bucky and Bobby were her new best friends! They hatched a plan while we were having dinner ...

... for which I made a Thai meal - Beef Massaman Curry, Chicken with Basil, Tangy Salad, Jasmine Rice, with Ginger Citrus Bananas and Coconut Custard to finish. Complete with chilli flower and shallot curl garnishes and everything! Yum.

Miss Petal wasn't to be outdone by any silly lambs. She charmed everyone with her sweet cuteness (even if Bobby and Bucky did get a bit jealous), and had constant cuddles. She even hopped into Roxie's handbag hoping to effect an escape! However, Lulu was the successful one there ... she snuck away with Bobby and Bucky, to see the world!

So for my knit blogger friends in North America, if you're interested in having Ms Lulu come to visit, drop me an e-mail and we can arrange her itinerary :)

(Photo courtesy of Roxie's blog)


  1. Let Roxie know I'm SO DARN JEALOUS!!!

    Looks like a lovely afternoon. Did I mention I'm jealous?

  2. awesome, man I am jealous, too, so jealous!! But I can see what a lovely time you had! And you deserved it! Absolutely

  3. We had the most fabulous time and the meal, it was superb!

    Thanks so much once again Jejune and family for making us all feel so welcome. We'll remember the evening for a long time!

  4. Oh how exciting to see someone I know as well as you: Hello Janette!!!
    Nice to see you looking so well, and to see the lovely Miss Petal and Wicked Lulu!!!

  5. Do these sheep never sleep? They are bumping around and bleating with glee at every hour of the day and night! I think Lulu may be rather a wanton lamb. Or perhaps she is just generous with her favors. But both the boys are grinning like idiots.

    Jejune, it was so wonderful to meet you and you whole delightful family face to face. Thank you, thank you for the royal treatment! If you come to the US, we owe you one!!

  6. What a wonderful day. Ms. Lulu is welcome to visit us here on the other side of the US when she's finished with Oregon. We can show her a good time (although we don't have any sheep in our neighborhood).

  7. Oh what fun and of course she can visit me! :D

    Hope we can get back to Aus to visit sometime. Course, there is that speeding ticket we have to pay first. Naughty Americans.

  8. How exciting!

    I have a cousin of your teapot. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing - what a lovely time.

  10. Sounds like a fantastic afternoon!


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