21 February 2011


I just had to share this - rather excited, my first ever eggplants! I've never got this far with an eggplant before, actual fruit ... they're still tiny, but hopefully it's all up (and bigger) from here! Aren't they cute?


  1. yum, so baked eggplant for a snack at knit camp?

  2. I don't like to eat eggplants but I think they're one of the most beautiful vegetables. We grew them and gave them all to my neighbor after I tried every recipe we could find and no one liked them.

    But they're gorgeous.

  3. Aubergine is so much more beautiful than egg plant! Love your aubergines.

  4. And a lovely shade of purple ! They're a nightshade vegetable.

    Congratulations on your green thumb!

  5. Those are so cute! Baby eggplant is really good - brush with olive oil and some herbs if you like and broil or grill. Yum Yum! Are you heading into autumn now?

  6. On the whole I like them better as objects of beauty - and yours are lovely - though baba ganoush is yummy.

  7. Hey Denise
    I have a close friend who has just left a job after 17 years without another one to go to. The kids are finished school, the house is almost paid off and ths is her big opportunity to do the thing she loves. the thing she LOVES. And then the job and the money will come. She has always done the RIGHT thing by her family but now is her big chance. I for one am egging her on to follow her heart. She does need to work, but the pressures are less.

    LOOK at your garden. You have a bright green thumb.

    Lots going on for you. Hope your heal continues to improve.
    The very best.

  8. Admit it...it's the colour that attracts you.

  9. How wonderful! I've always stayed with perennials in my garden. I am going to try tomatoes in the thing that hangs down. We are not supposed to plant veggies but I have seen neighbors that tuck them in with the flowers. It will be interesting to see how the tomatoes grow-they should be coming in the garden center soon.


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