14 October 2011

Cheekychi Walter Griffin

Yes, our family is growing! I'm very excited to introduce you to Cheekychi Walter Griffin, to be known as Griff (Red vs Blue reference, for those who know). Walter Griffin is also a reference to Walter Burley Griffin, who designed Canberra  :)

He's 5 weeks now, and is a long-haired pure-bred chihuahua from the Cheekychi stables up in the Central Coast, NSW. He comes to live with us in about a month, in mid-November.

We're hoping Petal will eventually be happy about her new brother! Apart from the incredible squee factor of having TWO chihuahuas, we're also doing it for her, as it's good for pups to have another pup to live and play with. This became really obvious to us when we puppysat my mum's Lhasa apso Bonnie for 5 weeks earlier this year, and we saw how much fun Petal and Bonnie had together.

Isn't he totes adorbs?!!


  1. Oh Griff is so cute!! he is a lucky pup and you are so clever to find Petal a brother!! I agree totally, dogs are very social animals and they like having a sibling. There will be some growling and some frocks being thrown over heads, but I know they will get on like a house on fire: Congratulations!!

  2. Squeee! Totes adorbs indeed! He is a cheeky little doll.

    Uh, 2paw, "frocks being thown over heads." ??? I LOVE learning new expressions. What does this mean?

  3. Well, a frock is a dress (old fashioned term, think 1950s dresses). I guess when you're all upset you'd throw your skirt over your head? I'll have to research it too, although I have heard it before ...

  4. Oh so cute! What a lovely addition to your family!

  5. gorgeous!
    who wouldn't want to kiss that little nose ?
    Sometimes I worry about Bear being an only dog - especially when I take him to visit his family - but somehow the thought of introducing yet another 'house' animal to David and the cats is enough to stop me from dawgnapping one of his half-siblings. Bear has such a cat-like personality that D mostly copes. i might not be so lucky with one of his sisters.
    So, for now, he has a bunch of cats as family ... and me of course.


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