18 April 2012

I'm alive!

Yes, I am still here ... writing the second Dummies book (Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies, a collection of 56 crosswords) in only 6 weeks was about half the time I actually needed. And I had to edit the first book at the same time. Working from 8 am til 11 pm every day, 7 days a week, for several months, is definitely not that enjoyable, I've discovered.

I still have to proofread the second book, the page proofs will turn up tomorrow. But after that's done, it really is all done! Phew! Pic is of the proofs for the first book (which is the detailled "how to" book). Lots of red ink (mine)!!

I should have used some of these new silly proofreading marks someone invented, LOL!

I'm having fun planning my first proper book launch, too  :) Current plan includes letter-shaped iced biscuits (cookies) and a cake with a crossword grid on it (I've even got a cool edible 'felt tip' black pen for drawing on icing). I was inspired by this cake, although I don't think I'll actually write clues, but just do the grid. I'll also be making a corset with crossword fabric of my own design!

Life is much calmer at home, our lodger left in early February, Jen's back in her room, I'm back in my office ... the puppehs get on fairly well, although Griff (who is a whole kilo heavier than Petal!) is getting rather dominant ... he's being desexed today, so hopefully this will help him calm down a bit!


  1. You should make all the guests at the launch wear one of your knitted crossword beanies :-)

  2. The pen is a cool idea! Good luck with the book launch, although you probably won't need it. I've been thinking about you lately and I'm so glad to hear things are winding up nicely.

  3. I love your proof reading marks. I used symbols with my class, but these are much better and possibly more appropriate at times!!
    Have a wonderful book launch, it sounds fabulous: I love a good theme!!
    I hope Griff's operation goes well, and that he is fine. Peri and Gilly send tail wags to Petal and Griff!!


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