02 May 2015

Too. Much. Volunteering.

It seems I stopped blogging last October. I'm not apologising.

Last October I was elected as president of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexer's ACT Region branch, which also put me back on the national Council. And on the committee for organising the joint IPEd (editors) & ANZSI national conference. I'm also the graphic designer and web master for the conference. And in November I became half of ANZSI's web redevelopment team. And also became the ANZSI Newsletter Editor, as the previous one resigned suddenly.

So heaps of stuff has gone by the wayside as a result, including work on my next book, and blogging, just for starters. And a social life. And my self-care health routines. And other important stuff.

The liberating news is that most of these commitments are about to end. The glorious new website is about to launch (should be live in a few days), after roughly 800 hours of work by me and my wonderful colleague Ali — we've enjoyed the work, but it's been a lot of work.

The write | edit | index conference is happening next week. That one short sentence in no way sums up the amount of time, effort and energy the next week and this event are about to take! I'm doing photography, blogging and tweeting during the conference (as part of the small social media team), as well as giving a speech, chairing one session, and I'm involved in presenting two sessions. It'll be great, I'm sure of it, but also extremely exhausting. Not entirely sure I can cope.

At the conference we're voting to abolish local branches (dismantling the local committee structures, to make the groups easier to run), in a major restructuring of the whole of ANZSI. (ETA: it passed!)

So by the end of next week, both the website and conference will be done — two huge projects. And in another 59 days hopefully (yes, I'm counting), I won't be on Council, or local branch president any more. With any luck, there's only one more local branch committee meeting, and one more Council meeting to go.

Which just leaves the newsletter editor's role, which I can cope with. And my new maximum number of committees? ZERO.

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