14 May 2006

Wooly Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me - and all of you mums out there! A sleep-in, pancakes for brekkie courtesy of teenage son, gorgeous red hand-knitted 8ply ankle-socks with bobbles courtesy of terribly clever teenage daughter, a trip to see the Bald Archies at Tuggeranong Art Centre, and dinner by same teenage son this evening... the day is good :)

My Nanna CALLED me today - I don't think this has happened for possibly decades - certainly not in the past 10 years (as you've probably guessed, we're not very close). She thanked me yet AGAIN for her mohair scarf - so yes, it was a hit :)


  1. yay! bobble socks! happy mothers day dearest :)

  2. Happy Mothers Day for yesterday. The haggis is a total crack up and the little pup is totally adorable:)

  3. Good one, Jejune. Glad you had treats all day. :)


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