03 May 2006

May at last, thank God!

Phew - made it to May - only slipped up once, with $5 spent on some yummy yarny things at Salvos... but it's a relief to get PAST Use What You Have Month and out the other side. Just in time for me to snap up a vintage Aero needle gauge at Salvos for 50¢!

I've finished Interweave's 'Priscilla's Dream Sock' number one, which as you can see, has turned out more like 'Priscilla's Nightmare Sock'. I am not going to knit its pair.... the size is way too big, despite my doing the right gauge, being careful with all the measurements and stitch counts etc etc. Although the length fits my hubby's foot, it's never going to fit any bloody foot a bit too wide - and this is despite my adding decreases to the foot section. Sigh. I did find the short row shaping for the heel and toe interesting, though - and trust me, it's easier to be shown how to do it than to read it from written instructions (which is what I did, and nearly went spare in the process). And there's a cool 'historic Greek' binding off used for the toe seam. I think it's destined to be a Christmas Stocking.

Annyway, the lovely soft green 8ply which broke my "UWYH" pledge is being turned into a nice plain shawl, using a combination of these two patterns - the plain Comfort Shawl, and the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl. I'll do a feather and fan edge, the lower third or so. The top 2/3 is in stocking stitch with 6 rows of garter stitch at increasing intervals. It's nice and easy, and so soft!

And lastly, today is my MIL's birthday, and she called to thank me for the knee warmer (see below) - she says it does fit, thank goodness, but the top wasn't elastic enough to hold it up, so she's going to weave some elastic into the top.


  1. So glad the knee warmer fit. Good to know about the elasticity, too. Such a bugger about the sock, though.

  2. General consensus is that the sock will become a Christmas Stocking ;)

  3. the sock is hilarious (in a 'it could happen to me.. and probably will' sort of way).
    love the nana wrap >.<

  4. Ah well, it's a very, um, warm sock, and the colours are gorgeous... and Santa will have plenty of room for Chrissie goodies!

    And thanks - Nanna loved the Nanna Wrap too - I'll post what she wrote in her thank you card soon. I was well-timed - her (nearly 90-year-old) sister died last week, so it was a nice for her to get a special treat... maybe she'll wear it at the funeral in Melbourne this week?

  5. hi jejune, thanks for your comment on my new blog, i am so enjoying reading all these other great knitting blogs! its a whole new world. hope to see you at an snb soon!


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