11 February 2009

Comfort Packs

There are so many creative and thoughtful support programs coming into being in the past few days, to support those who have lost so much in the Victorian bushfires (and let's not forget those who have been through horrendous flooding in Queensland!). Coles (one of the 2 major grocery chains in Australia) is even donating all profits from this Friday's sales to the cause.

Most charities are overwhelmed with material donations, and are requesting just $$$.

On the crafting front there are blankies being knit, pouches being made for orphaned joeys and other wildlife, and a vast array more. To join in the Friendship Blankets Project check out this Yahoo group. They need 12" / 30 cm square knitted or crocheted squares, which will be sewn into blankets. Machine washable wool (8 or 10 ply) is the preference.

The one that has really touched my heart is Rainbow Comfort Packs for kids - thousands of children have lost their homes, and many lost family, friends and/or pets. Too much for a little person to have to bear. I'll be making some of these.

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  1. Bless your dear, kind heart! Thanks sfor sharing this.


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