09 February 2009

No words

Words can't describe the horror of the Victorian bushfires in the past days. Over 100 130 160 deaths, hundreds and hundreds of homes lost, thousands of injured and homeless, thousands of acres of bushland destroyed ... and more.

It also brings back dreadful memories of the Canberra bushfires, which roared overhead and around us (literally) 6 years ago. Our heartfelt wishes go out to everyone and anyone affected by this tragedy.

There are satellite images of the fires on the MODIS web site ... select "Next" to see images after yesterday's ones. MODIS Terra gives good land images. Select 2 km or 1 km resolution, then once that page has loaded, click on Change Vector Options - select "fires + coast + borders" and click on "Submit".

There is news coverage here (for non-Australians who'd like to read more).

ETA : for those who'd like to do something from afar, you can make a donation by credit card to the Australian Red Cross.


  1. Very sad.
    We finally got some cool weather in Sydney and wish we could send some over to Victoria.

  2. Is there anything we can do to help?

  3. We're reading about it here, and I first thought of you and the observatory fire you experienced. Can't imagine the horror of it all ...

    Words for a comment are hard to find, too.

  4. It's just awful, isn't it?? Fire is very scary.

  5. We're getting reports on our news and seeing the footage. I am shocked and horrified by the tragedy. Those poor people!

  6. It's tragic. It's very hard to read the news at this point.


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