05 April 2009

More puppy piccies!

Our puppy is 3 weeks old now. She weighs 380 g (13 oz) and is a very forward and adventurous little pup - she takes off to explore while her sisters and brother are just sniffing the yellow bunny/duck toy thing. The breeder says "she has a mind of her own!"

The pups had their first solid food yesterday - Farex with egg yolk and creamy milk. Our pup climbed right into the dish!

The breeder says that this week they should start staying awake a little longer than just one minute, will begin playing with their siblings - chewing tails etc, and maybe just venture out of their bed on their own.

We should be able to visit her in a couple of weeks :)

We're calling her Petal.


  1. Beware of cute independent-minded creatures! A battle of wills is just around the corner.
    Petal is surely tongue-in-cheek - it may seem appropriate now but will it suit a mature female?


  2. its great that you getting to know all this stuff about her before she comes to live with you. she looks lovely!

  3. look at the size of her !! so teeny :]
    I'm practically comatose from the cuteness overload !!

  4. So incredibly kawaii. Lovely name. Wonderful to know that you're getting reports on her personality so that you can prepare for the puppy training/battle of the puppy dog eyes ahead. ;)

    Hope you had a lovely, relaxing Sunday.

  5. She's precious! And so tiny. You gotta love a puppy with a mind of her own. Not me. You.

  6. Petal is so sweet!!! How exciting, and I do like a puppy with a bit of independence!!

  7. After life with Lulu, another small, strong-minded female will be just more of the same. Petal will fit right in!

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  9. I'm counting down the days till we get to visit the pups! less than 2 weeks to go!

    And Petal is a soap?? Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when I hear it...

  10. Look at the teeny and cute!

    There's nothing wrong with a pup having a mind of her own, as long as the owner can withstand the teeniness & cuteness and get on with training.

    It's the owners who laugh when the puppy bites you that lead to grown-up dogs that are complete brats. (Sorry, sorry, soapbox topic for me!)

  11. I love the name Petal! I think she needs a middle name, too. Petal Purebreed or Petal Pink or Petal Puppykins or Petal Petunia. She sounds delightful. Hahahaha, she jumped right in the bowl! That must have been cute to see.

    Love from Chloe and me...

  12. [Owner of small brat dog]

    Their bark is bigger than their bite.

  13. How wonderful to get these pictures & updates. She is darling.


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