04 April 2009


Well, the fun and relaxation hasn't exactly kicked in as hoped. I have lunched with some friends, which has been truly nice. But my vile FIL has been extra demanding. He's been feeling sick, and keeps calling us up saying he's 'never felt this bad before' and 'I'm really crook (cough) (cough)', and carrying on.

We say : "It sounds like you have a virus, go back to bed, rest, drink plenty of fluids." But oh no, that's not good enough. He keeps pestering and calling, protesting that he's practically dying, until we (ie I, seeing as DH isn't well enough) drive him to the medical centre, where we then wait ages to be seen, only to have a doctor tell him that (you guessed it) he has a virus, go back to bed, rest, and drink plenty of fluids.

Aaaaaaaaaargh!!! TWICE he's done this to me in the past week, this morning waking me at 7am, after I'd had a whole 5 hours sleep ... plus there was a GP appointment I had to take him to last week, and medical appointments (x-rays, blood tests, and so on) in the weeks ahead. Add to this his total self-obsession, dementia, severe complaining-itis, almost-autistic Aspergers, and disregard for anyone else, and it's a recipe for ... high blood pressure, to say the least!

He complains about every single appointment, and every test, accusing all the doctors and medical staff of "only being in it for the money" (which is deeply offensive to everyone who's trying to help him, and ridiculous on so many levels, not the least of which is that he's a veteran and all his medical bills are covered by Veterans' Affairs!). He endlessly complains "I'm sick of all this medical stuff, when is it going to all end?!" and I now just say "When you're dead!" - he's 86 for f***'s sake, what does he bleedin' expect?!

Think I'll go bake some bread, and punch the dough. A lot.

And I'm having to work. I know it's good to be in demand, but honestly guys - I need a break! My syndicator needed Anzac Day puzzles, which I wrote yesterday, and new Gourmet crosswords (next week's job) as Reader's Digest have bought up most of my stock (only about 10 of them) to go into a puzzle booklet (ie just one-off sales, not an ongoing contract). Very happy about the Reader's Digest connection, I really am, but ... !!

Okay, trying to calm down. Some knitting content : The Mitred Baby Jacket, back view - close to completion. Damn, there are a lot of ends to darn in! I'm doing them as I go to minimise the pain at the end ;)

Proof of drought (does this make it drought-proof?) .... our backyard with bare earth for 'lawn'. Veggie garden going so-so.

On the funny side, check out Cock & Bull, my new favourite web comic. I love this strip in particular ...


  1. I'm no help in finding the exact right thing to say to help you with the FIL experiences. Sorry. But I know how it feels.

    I am intrigued by the mitred baby jacket. No babies in sight around here, so I could really freak my daughters out by making one anyway.

  2. I really feel for you,my own Austic son drives us up the wall just with the peculiarity of his condition,repeats nearly everything you say so his brain absorbs,waking me in the night to make his bed 'casue his uncomfortable,wrapping his food as he "cant" do it,his 12 this May....Having a demanding FIL is a terrible drain,have a rant on here will help clear the air I hope anyway,thinking of you and hope you get some respite!

  3. I know how you feel. My Father is exactly the same. Exactly. He's 84 and carries on just as you describe.

  4. *BIG hugs* And lots of positive karma.

    You need that "me" time again. I'm just sorry I can't offer you any solutions. I know its horrible, but there are always homes, especially when family carers just can't cope anymore.

  5. Caffeine Fairy's *hug* was a good idea. At least here you can rant, or speak, and know you are amongst friends.

    best thoughts to you

  6. It's a terrible trial for you all. I know that and feel very sorry for you. the best I can do is be a supportive friend and provide periodic distraction for you.

    Post updates on your veggie garden! Even if it's so so. I've had a very so-so time of it.

  7. I know you are richly imbued with that Aussie "Can do" indepence and self-sufficiency, but I think it's time to give FIL a short rope, tell him to piss up it, and bung him into a home. The fact that he can't help being a royal raging pain in the ass does not in any way make him less of a pain in the ass. You have enough on your plate (and hooray for being in demand as a puzzle creator! Yay for you!)and FIL is just one sour side-dish too much.

    Of course, this is just my opinion and you are free to ignore me at will. (hugs)

  8. Oh, the mitered baby jacket is wizard kewl!

  9. The mitred baby jacket is so cool! I love the stripes.

    Sorry the FIL is driving you nuts. Punch that bread dough!


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