08 May 2009

Dib dib dib, dob dob dob

Holiday time at last! On Friday 24 April, Bells and I set off to Knitting Camp. It was held at the stunningly beautiful Mt Keira Scout Camp, just out of Wollongong. Knitting Camp is organised by CR & K Daisy Designs in Wollongong.

This was the camp's third year, and its biggest yet. Well over 40 women, and one guy (Ladies and Lee!) were there, with ages from mid-20s to 70+!

We had a smooth drive up, and arrived around 4pm. We choose our bunks :

Oh for heaven's sake. Lulu had snuck into my bag! No wine was safe!

This is the 'Chalet', or sleeping quarters.

How could anyone resist such enticing paths? The lush greenery was such a balm to us Canberra-ites, who have got used to (but still don't like) drought-stricken dry gardens.

On Saturday there was a dyeing class - good fun!

Here are my two skeins (with Lee's suggested Plum and Primrose dyes).

How's this for the perfect class location?! The veranda on the end of the Lodge, surrounded by towering forest ...

The Lodge had an imposing front door :

Inside the Lodge, where we sat to knit, and enjoyed the open fire ... Daisy Designs had tables full of delicious yarn, patterns, and needles on sale. I think we all splurged!

Lulu was blissed out by the Bliss yarn, and tried to nick the pincushions!

For as long as it was sunny, we sat outside, overlooking the stunning view.

Lee didn't have a hat, so my apron had to do!

The divine Lee and luscious Lulu really hit it off! Goodness!

Saturday night was the Big Hawaiian Night! Despite the chilly weather, we dressed up with leis, sarongs, and more - Rose Red was particularly noticeable with her stunning red wig and red flowery sandals! And who could forget Lee with his floral codpiece!

In short, we all had a great fun time, even Lulu (well, that was hardly surprising, given the amount she drank). I loved putting real people to Ravelry and blog identities, chatting with all the knitters, spending time with dear friends, discovering new friends, and being able to just KNIT all the time. What a treat not to have to cook!

While it was very full on and loud at times - I'm used to more solitude and a quiet life - it was a very enjoyable experience. Dotter is making noises about coming along next time ... so I think we'll be doing this again!

For other reports on the camp, with even more photos, visit Bells, Lyns, Web Goddess, Random Knits, Missyfee, and JP! And a huge thank you to Rae, Kerry and Christine for all their hard work in making the camp happen!

I'll post about my Jervis Bay days tomorrow ... stay tuned :)


  1. oh it was a fun weekend. Glad to see your take on it at last. Hope Lulu wasn't too much worse for wear.

  2. You know that lamb, she's an old - well - young - soak. Ridiculously resilient, with no hangovers!

  3. I LOVE the photo of Lulu wallowing in the yarn. What a sensualist that girl is! Oh, you SO deserved the fun of that trip!

  4. Lulu is only doing what so many of us have wanted to do! It looks like a weekend that rocked!

  5. Hey that's my mum in those photos!!! Well her back anyway lol so sad I missed all the excitement :(

  6. Sounds wonderful. Wish I'd known about it - perfect retreat.

    Lulu certainly looks like she had fun.

  7. Heard Mum talked about the Knitting Camp at Wollongong, but she didn't go. Sure sounds like fun.

  8. What a wonderful place to have a retreat. Glad Lulu had so much fun. We have not seen her in quite awhile.

  9. ahhh, lovely camp!
    Great pictures!

  10. Ah, I was very confused and thought you were going to teach at a knitting camp for Scouts - which definitely didn't sound like a lot of fun but now that I understand what you were really doing I wish I could knit so I could go to wonderful things like this!


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