04 May 2009

Look inside!

What a time it's been! I've been away for a week - first to Knitting Camp at Mt Keira, and then 4 nights at the Huskisson Bed & Breakfast by myself! I'll do a proper post about my wonderful holiday in a few days, with plenty of pics.

But to start of my working week - you can now 'Look inside' my Dummies book on Amazon, and it's in stock in a few days! Woo hoo!! Very very exciting :)

Finally, a gratuitous puppy piccie!

Petal is 7 weeks old, and has massive ears, which the breeder assures me she'll 'grow into'. She comes home with us in a couple of weeks, most likely!


  1. How exciting! I promise I'll buy a copy.

  2. Petal is so pretty. My friend's puppy Poppy had giant baby ears but she grew into them, so I think it may be OK.

  3. What a co-incidence. I left knitting camp and went to Sussex Inlet. Had I have known you were in Husky we could have met for a drink and a knit.

    I have converted several to your chilli jelly though. Yum!

  4. Like Brook shields with her big eyebrows, Petal makes those big ears look gorgeous!

    And that holiday by yourself must have been HEAVENLY!!

  5. The better to hear you with, my dear.

    Congrats on the book - ! ~~~~~ yey, happy dance, yey! You are bona fide for sure in the puzzle world, now more than ever. The puzzle guru! With so many baby boomers being advised to engage in mind games for mental exercise, I hope your book sells lots and lots.


  6. What a difference two weeks make. Petal is adorable. Going now to check your food

  7. I hope she doesn't! Those ears are fabulous!

  8. I just petted a puppy very like her this weekend, awwww! The cuteness!


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