04 August 2009

Happy Puppeh

Here's Petal with a Teeny Tiny chihuahua toy (Rav link) I made, and Dotter ... I swear she's smiling! Aren't her ears ridiculous?

And she seems pretty taken with my Vintage Hues One-Row Scarf as well! She's all the way up to 1.2 kg now (2.6 lb).

I have been knitting, but much of it is Secret Squirrel stuff, so I can't share yet ...

But I can tell you that I've got a pattern appearing in the next issue of Knitty! Only a month away! Eeeeee!


  1. She looks SO happy.

    And congratulatons on the Knitty pattern. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Wow - Knitty! Well done you! and Petal is gorgeous - she definitely likes your scarf!

  3. Petal is, relatively, a giant now!!! She looks very cute all scarfified. Oh, how exciting, on degree of Kevin Bacon from a Knitty Pattern writer!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those ears ... and that tiny toy is adorable! : ))))

    She's so velvety looking. What a love!

  5. can't wait to see your knitty pattern :)

    and I reckon Petal looks like a short haired Pierre! so cute!

  6. how adorable. She is smiling! Love how she has cuddled up in the scarf.

  7. That sure is one cute puppy :-)
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