23 October 2009


Well, I've just got my official letter from the hospital, for my Pre- Admission Clinic for my hip replacement - 10 November! It can take up to 4 hours. This is where I'll get to meet the anaesthetist, nurses, and members of the surgical team, as well as have x-rays, blood tests, do the admission papers, etc etc.

And when I spoke to the Surgical Bookings lady yesterday, she said my surgery will be "mid-November" - I got the impression they've selected a date (probably roughly a week after my clinic) - they're just waiting on my surgeon to confirm the exact date now, I should hear for sure in a week or so! Eeeeek!

Some crafty things to share :

The dress for Dotter's Year 12 Formal outfit - I'm nearly finished the lined tailored vest that goes over this dress. Just have the zip to put in, and then a separate collar and tie to make! Really want to get it done soon, before I go to hospital ... her Formal is on 27 November.

Two super cute beanies for my favourite editor, Sarah, who's having her first child any day now. I'd better get these in the post soon!

A Berry Beanie ... I love this pattern :

This one is a "Sock Topper" baby beanie, using scraps of sock yarn. This one is in Opal "Feelings".

This is the Super Ben Cape (Rav link) for my nephew Ben - this was his gift for becoming a Big Brother - worn here with his favourite Power Rangers outfit, which he lives in! Pattern is in the New Knits on the Block book by Vicki Howell.

And the reason for the gift : Ben's new brother, and my littlest nephew, Thomas Rowan, born on 6 October ... photo taken when he was 3 days old - aaaaaaaaw :)


  1. so much news all in one post! The beanies and cape are very cool (I've always wanted a cape myself! don't think I'll be knitting one for me though...I'll have to make do with shawls!).

    Good news about your hospital date, hope it all goes smoothly for you.

  2. Awwwww! Baby smoochies!

    Ben is quite the superhero. what a marvelous auntie you are! and those beanins are too precious for words!

    Dotter's dress - is that all there is? No skirt or leggings or bloomers or covers for the nethers? I'm sure she'll look fabulous with all those long legs hanging out, but . . . "If the skirts get any shorter, said the flapper with a sob, I'll have two more cheeks to powder and a few more curls to bob."

    Best wishes for the pre-visit. When you start to feel frightened, immediately start planning how you will celebrate when you get out of the hospital. Focus on the positive further future and ignore the scarey immediate future.

  3. All cuteness and light ...

    And good news, too.

  4. I was wondering if they would give you a date. I'm getting my good vibes machine geared up and ready to go.

    Dotter's dress is soooo cute. Remind her that we want to see her all dolled up.

  5. Whew, things are flying along!

    Such a cute baby to go in those baby hats.

  6. such cute knitting going on here! Love the cape. You are a good aunty!

    The dress is beautiful. Good job!

  7. I can't resist a photo of a cute baby. He's GORGEOUS!!!!!

  8. I read your header as 'Closer' and in the TV show, now I realise it's closer, as in nearer!! Good news, it must be nice to have a date. IT sets your mind at rest about the when at least!!
    Love the baby hats: soooo cute!! Fabulous cape and the dress is very cool!!


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