06 October 2009

Cover Job

Goodness, time has slipped past a bit there ... ! Apart from trying to catch up with my long-neglected other work (oh yeah, that's right, I have other commitments ...!!) I've been busy with getting my 50 'extra' cryptograms ready for the Wiley web site. I've had several long phone conversations with Wiley's eContent Associate Director (the lovely Joyce) in the States. And very early this morning there was a conference call with 6 of us - Marketing, Promotions, Editors, and Mark (all in the USA) and myself (the lone Aussie). Dummies books aren't usually individually promoted, so our book is breaking ground on many levels!

This is the final cover design - it will be in bookshops across America and Canada in the first week of November. And it'll be the first 'loosely affiliated with The Lost Symbol' book to hit the shelves.

If you're in the States, keep an eye out for Hunting the Lost Symbol, on Discovery Channel Sunday 18th October at 8 pm. My co-author Mark is in this show :) If we're lucky, they'll leave in the mention of our book too (but we're not holding our breath on this one!).

I had a rather exciting moment last week - I was at my local Dymocks bookstore browsing, and came across a copy of Word Searches For Dummies - the first time I've seen it on the shelves in Australia! Dymocks do have American suppliers, so they occasionally get a few copies of overseas books in.

I was so thrilled by this that, I admit, I took it to the counter to tell the serving girl it was my book, and offered to sign copies, LOL. She said I should speak with the owner, who was there at the time - which I did. She was especially interested in the new Cryptograms book, and asked if I'd like to do an in-store appearance for their Booklovers' Club! Wiley (USA) will send me promotional goodies to hand out at the event too, and posters of the cover, and suchlike, too!

Australian bookstores don't stock a lot of the American Dummies book in general, but if it's a local author they do seem prepared to get stock in. So I might get a book signing or two after all, which would be pretty utterly awesome! I'll approach Borders in Civic as well ...

Stay tuned! :D

In news just in - both my sister and brother are in our local hospital today : my sister gave birth around 1am to her second child, a healthy little boy, mother and bub both doing well - HURRAH! And my brother was admitted with appendicitis, and is in theatre now - NOT HURRAH! Our family doesn't do things by halves!


  1. WOW, you have got your hands full! Hope the hopitalised ones are ok, and thrilled about the idea of you doing book signings. Great news!

  2. That's so cool about your book(s) and possible booksignings!!

    Exciting about baby, not so much about appendix but at least they are in the same hospital (I think...) - that makes it just a little easier to visit!

  3. Booksignings! Famous or what!

    Congrats on the new nephew! Hope your brother is better soon.

  4. Well I feel doubly chuffed to have my own signed Dummy!!! Great S&S news!!
    Happy nephewing too. Hope your brother is up ands about soon.
    Pats to Petal!!

  5. "Congratulations, Ms Jejune! You brother has just delivered a 2 oz appendix and your sister has produced a baby." Tell him that he is carrying the sympathetic pregnancy thing entirely too far!

    A book signing? How utterly cool! YAyyyy!!! And with this new movie coming out (the Da Vinci Code successor) people are going to be SO excited about codes! Good luck and much prosperity!

  6. Ooo, that is cool!

    Congratulations to your sister, and getting-better mojo for your brother!

  7. Hope your bro is doing better after his emergency surgery.

    Congrats on the new work and that's so cool about doing an in-store book signing event.

    You are a real celebrity in the book world, now!

    Hurray for YOU!

  8. Congratulations!!!! A new baby and a book signing! (I've done the appendicitis thing. Not a fun time) It must be amazing and goose bumpy to see your book on the shelf.

  9. Congratulations on all the exciting news! Too much at once! I hope your brother is recovering well now.

  10. That is exciting news all around! Congrats on the signing - that will be so exciting! And on being an auntie again - yay! Hope your brother is OK, though!

  11. Wonder if Dymocks will let guinea pigs attend your book signing event. Mum's gotten interested in crypto now...


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