02 November 2009

Would you like a date?

Well, I suppose I would. I guess. How does 17 November sound? Oh, OK, if I have to.

By 18 November the worst will be over, I'll have a ceramic hip, and can start working on that recovery thing ... I'm closing the business for three weeks from next Monday, and starting the Valium around 15 November!

Petal has been brave and had her surgery too, last Friday (desexing and microchipping). She's making a speedy recovery, and I hope I can do the same!

A courier came to the door this morning, with a slender package from Wiley - ooooh, the book??! No - it contained a gift from Laura, the lovely editorial assistant who has interviewed my coauthor Mark and myself for the Dummies' Authors Newsletter - Mark and I each got one of these 'Dummies Authors' kits :

A nice zippered folder, with handy pockets, containing :

A couple of Dummies pens, Post-It notes, a real pad of American US Letter-sized paper, a tiny sewing kit, Dummies bookmarks ...

... a Dummies 1 Gb USB thumb drive ...

... and a Dummies keyring!

I'm all set!


  1. I'm glad you've got a date now - that must be a relief! Good idea to have some time off beforehand too, relax and take it easy and try to focus on the end result (I know that's easy to say but not necessarily easy to do!).

  2. Knowing the date must help a bit, and the Valium will most definitely help!!! Nice Dummies selection!!

  3. Aw, you and Petal both having surgery round the same time. Hers is over, you're next! Nice gifts. Well, next thing you can write "Surgery For Dummies." Maybe "Hip Surgery For Dummies." : )))

    We'll all be rooting for you. Best wishes for a smooth procedure and recovery.

  4. Such fun to get mail that isn't bills!

    Good wishes for your surgery and recovery.

  5. When I go out to get the paper at five in the morning, I will look up at the sky and think of you and send strength and peace and healing thoughts your way. and if I get a card in the mail this week, it might even make it to Australia before you get home from recovery.

    Petal is a brave and beautiful girl. And so are you!

  6. Ceramic hips for dummies?

    I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well. How wonderful when the recovery is done and you can walk with minimal discomfort.

  7. right, it's all happening. Deep breath. I know it doesn't really help to say it but you'll be fine. You're in good hands and I'm sure they know how anxious you are. Only way to get through it is to get through it really!

  8. That is such good news about the surgery date! YAY!


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