25 November 2009

Jiggity jig

I came home today, on Day 8 after surgery, to the gentle ministrations of Dr Petal (licks and cuddles a speciality). It is very very good to be home, despite feeling a bit anxious at times with no nurses to ask about things. I'm pretty wiped out, but hope to have a much better night's sleep tonight than I've had in over a week, and having my MIL here is helping no end, with housework and delicious meals (and good company!).

There is still a lot to do in the weeks ahead - frequent blood tests, GP appointments, checking my INR (blood viscosity) levels, making sure my Warfarin doses are right, physio appointments at the hospital twice a week, and so on. But being home is just wonderful.

For the incurably curious, those going in for THR, or those who just like medical stuff (I know, it's weird, but they do exist apparently!), you can see a photo of about half of my wound here. This was taken at about a week post-op; the metal staples will be removed next Tuesday (14 days post-op). The old scars running along the top of my leg are from my childhood surgeries, 40+ years ago.

You have been warned ... it's not bloody, just a fairly radical piercing!

ETA : The wound is healing very well; it's basically covered all the time, apart from when the dressings are changed, which has only been 2 or 3 times so far (so the photo was snapped in mid-change). It's dry, and doing all the right things, which is a relief.


  1. You are an amazing amazing woman. Welcome home. Thank goodness for mother in laws. I had a magnificent one too.

    Wishing you well for a fast and excellent recovery.

    Take good care of yourself.


  2. I shan't have a look at the photo...but I'm pleased you are home and doing ok so far - glad you've got some family support, that will be invaluable I'm sure!

  3. Wow, that's a pretty awesome wound you have going on there. Thank goodness you have Dr Petal and your family to take care of you. Get well soon!!!

  4. Isn't it wonderful how your own bed embraces you and welcomes you back? You are going to get SUCH good rest now!

    Hugs to your MIL! Bravo for her. And hooray for Dr. Petal!

    That's a relly good-looking incision. Staples are cleaner and less traumatic than stitches, but it's a bit difficult to accept the idea of them. And having them removed is a breeze compared to stitches. Lots of follow-up work now, but the worst part is over. Hooorah!

  5. Welcome home! I am sure your recovery will speed up now. How wonderful of your MIL to be there with you. Your whole family must be relieved, especially Petal because she didn't understand why you left.
    Kay [nto on ravelry]

  6. There's no doctor quite like Dr. Petal and being home.

  7. the wound wasn't at all what I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting. But it's very neat and tidy! Welcome home!

  8. The wound looks like it's healing well (of course I looked).

    I am so glad you're home and resting.

  9. "radical piercing" ha ha ha!! indeed.

    I'm glad you're home safe and hope you keep on healing quickly.

  10. Hugs! Here is to a swift and complete recovery!

  11. Radical piercing - I'll say! Wow...


    I actually winced when I opened the photo.

    I feel you!

    Heal, heal, heal ...
    It's going to take a lot of time, you know; but heal you will.

  12. It is taking everything I have NOT to click on the photo, but I think I need to resist, knowing myself too well... So glad you are home, and healing well!

  13. Happy to see you are at home! Take care, and rest up.

  14. Radical piercing indeed. Heal quickly!

  15. I looked at the photo....it was what I expected as my brother had radical surgery on his shoulder and was sent home with staples. Of course he had to email everyone in the family with photos.

    I'm so glad that recovery is going well and that you have help around the house.


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