14 December 2009

Get well treasure trove

LittleNeedles (Rav link) is one of my Ravelry friends. We met on the Chihuahua forum, and from the start it was clear she was a hilarious, generous, and thoughtful person, with quite an obsession with puppies :)

The week I went into hospital a box arrived. A BIG box. As in 60 x 35 x 35 cm. My family opened it, and were astonished by the gift-wrapped bounty inside ... there was too much to bring into hospital to me, but they brought in a new package each day. And I've been opening one or two gifts every couple of days, especially when things were feeling too hard and painful ... for a month. A whole month!

There have been many many books - including Costuming from the Hip (a self-published classic book about making Middle Eastern dance costumes), Victorian Lace Today (bliss!), Amigurumi Knits, and Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies - all from my Amazon wish list.

Everything was in this great bag, which LittleNeedles made herself - and includes a matching magazine holder and project bag. (She has an Etsy store, WeeCouture, check out her stuff!). Petal thinks the bag is great, too! The shredded tissue paper is from Petal helping open the last few pressies last night. She "helped" a lot. Hmmm.

There is a small alpine range of yarn - especially worsted weight cottons (which are very hard to get in Australia), some linen, and much much more!

A special treat is this Buffalo Gold - yes, it's buffalo yarn! Incredibly soft!!

There is a sweet little flapper teddy bear, a cute Clover case, with stitch markers, special scissors, and other treats ...

Did you notice that black case? Yes, it's a set of AddiClicks. This gift literally made me speechless. These are just amazingly wonderful knitting needles ...

There were other treats as well - chocolate, a cute keyring with a 'wraps per inch' sheep gauge, and a mini sock blocker keyring, and even treats for Petal.

LittleNeedle's generosity is just astounding, so I wanted to say a very public THANK YOU to her, and I wish I could give her a hug (but she lives in America). Thank you hardly seems adequate. More like OMG, wow, far out!!

Other friends have sent 'get well' gifts as well, and I'm truly thankful to everyone - Susan and Wendell for the pink fluff and silver plastic princess tiara which I wore in hospital, crosswords, edible treats, and Peaches 'n' Cream cotton; Jenny and Mark for the Vogue magazine and roses; Kate and Traevis for the Paperblanks "Good Dog" notebook and pens; Stuart (Dotter's new boyfriend) for the first bouquet of flowers that I saw when I got back from surgery; Nick and Penny for the hilarious black humour book 11,002 Things to be Miserable About; and cards, phone calls, emails and SMSs from a great many friends and family across the globe. Thank you, everyone, I've appreciated each and every one.


  1. that's an astoundingly generous package. You are one lucky patient!

  2. What a wonderful bunch of gifts! And great idea to open one every day, how exciting!

  3. What wonderful friends, you must have felt cared for every time you opened or saw a gift!!!

  4. What a wonderful way to get through the darkness! Hooray for thoughtful, generous friends! You deserve 'em!

  5. Enjoy every one of these wonderful gifts, Jejune! Your friend is awesome.

  6. What a wonderful box of presents. I'll bet it made you feel cherished and cared for. And that's just what presents are for.

  7. Holy mackerel! That is quite a present! What a great new friend!

  8. Wow -- people are lovely. :)

  9. Wonderful to hear your're on the mend(the box of new books must be areal high light for you!!)
    Ive been out of the loop for a long time and just catching up!!


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