24 December 2009

Yippy Chrissie

Best wishes to you for a restful, relaxing festive season, filled with yummy treats (mmm, dried liver bits), gifts (ooooh, bones!), loved ones (lick lick bite lick), and fun activities (yay, paper shredding!).

With love from Miss Petal and Jejune :)


  1. Happy Christmas to you all too!

    (tee hee, word verification today is "comet" - wonder if blogger did that on purpose??!!)

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas - all of you and have a safe and happy (and mobile) new year - hugs and pats applied where necessary!

    HAHA _ security word - 'defuse!

  3. Oh Petal is so cute and really getting displaying Christmas Spirit. Merry Christ,as to you all, and I know it will be a happy and a very Healthy New Year!!!

  4. What an elegant and festive dog she is! Joy and peace to you, strength and prosperity, and a new decade full of belly laughs and tender hugs.

  5. I'm not so sure about the Liver bits.......

    But Merry Christmas right back atcha!

  6. Wish for you to have a wonderful holyday as well:-D
    My cat and I say hello, and she's got the same colours as your chi:-D

  7. I keep thinking she is so ridiculously cute that she must actually be a transformer type thing underneath it all. No-one real can be that cute!!!

  8. It may be social conditioning, but everytime I see Petal, I have an urge for Tacos and Refried Beans.


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