30 April 2010


See these socks? Aren't the gorgeous? Made with Knittery merino + cashmere yarn, which was a birthday gift from my friend KM. The pattern is Kai-Mei by Cookie A, with a gorgeous lace panel angled from the ankle to the toe across each foot - there's a left and a right sock. I'm a slow sock knitter, I started these in December, finished them last week. Triumph!

They're too big.

Really, they are. They fit on my feet well (I did check after the first one was finished!), but when I put them on with shoes, the ribbed sections flop around my ankles, and the socks twist around my feet as I walk.

Mumble mumble mumble, I finally checked my gauge, shaddaup so wot if it was wrong, you're not the boss of me!


I don't want to give them away as the yarn is special and gorgeous (and no longer being made).

I don't want to unravel them because of ALL THAT WORK. The whole lace thing, and everything.

I'm going to have to unravel them, aren't I?

Don't mind me while I go and weep into my cup of tea ...


  1. Oh. Oh no. Deepest sympathies! It is lovely yarn (I have a little bit of it stashed). Are you going to do a different pattern?

  2. I don't know yet - I don't think I can face doing it all again from scratch right away, I probably need to let the yarn rest in my stash for a bit until I regroup ... I do love the Kai-Mei design though.

  3. Don't unravel them yet, can't you just 'cut' then off at the ankles pick up the rib stitches and then knit the leg upwards on smaller needles?? I've done that when I did some top down socks and ran out of wool!! They are so lovely too!!!

  4. Good lateral thinking there, 2paw. Unfortunately the whole foot section is too big as well, I'd have to sew darts into the sock to get it to fit snugly. They fit my *husband* (who wears a men's size 11 shoe) - that was the tipping point for me!

  5. Oh dear. Beautiful socks, bugger about the fit. Of course I have rather big calves and wide feet....

  6. Aw crud. That is suck-tastic :( I am conjuring all sorts of excellent plans involving clever stitchery behind the scenes (seams?) with knitting elastic but fear that in fact the only really good advice I can give is to try, try again.
    Go eat a substantial amount of chocolate and put them in the naughty corner for a while.

  7. OH NOES!! How annoying! I feel your pain - they are so lovely! Maybe you could just wear them at those times when you are laying down with your feet up in the air!! (because they do look great in that photo!).

    Big stiff drink before you frog them, I think.

  8. Will they full? You'd have to do it carefully by hand in the laundry trough; is your hip ready for that?

    Of course, once they're fulled, they're unfroggable...

  9. can you just keep them as round the house slipper socks? That's what I do with socks that are too big. I'm wearing a pair of Socks that rock socks right now that that are too big to wear with shoes but make great slothing socks.

  10. Turn them down like bobby socks.
    Wear them under boots.
    Dye them green for Xmas stockings.
    Line them and add a leather sole.
    Frame them and hang them on the wall.

    Turn them into tea cosies.

  11. That is one of my favorite patterns from that book. My problem is that the lace portion is inside the shoe and no one will see it.

    You chose beautiful yarn. I'd keep them and find someone who had bigger feet and send them off. I don't think I could face frogging a whole pair of socks.

  12. Does it ever get cold enough for you to wear two pair of socks inside your wellies?

    How about if you gain sixty pounds or so - will they fit then? (If you can't shrink the socks, maybe you can swell the feet?)

    My heart goes out to you. The grownup thing to do is to frog them and re-knit. The 3-year old thing to do is to pretend that they fit just fine the way they are.

  13. *sniff*

    Naughty socks. Sounds like they need some time in the time-out corner.

    And yes, then a good cold douse in the frog pond.

  14. oh you just take some of that clear knit-along elastic and you sew it in with a sewing needle in knit/purl stitch, tightening the ribbing!

    you can do ti

  15. Great ideas from your readers on how to save those gorgeous knitted socks...

  16. Oh @$%$# !!
    Had that happen with my first pair of socks but they were plain and in cheapish yarn so I just wore 'em as bed socks for a while and then tossed 'em to the Salvos.
    THIS is an entirely different cooking vessel of aquatic animals

  17. I'm so sorry!

  18. Oh, poor baby. I have unraveled a lot of things in my time for many reasons, so I can feel your pain. Just pick a day when you're in a good mood, take a deep breath, and start tugging. You'll get them re-knit in no time at all, especially since you have so much experience with them! Right?

  19. I am very sorry, they look beautiful. I have heard that socks are the hardest things to make. I know that without knitters, my feet would be in much worse condition than they are. I hope you get to enjoy your sock - and I know you WILL be happy when they are perfect, but yeah, time to stare and sigh, I guess. Or use those words, @*^&


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