15 April 2010

Lulu's Travels

Ms Lulu Naughty Lamb is in America, having a great time, toying with the affections of various young impressionable rams, visiting people, stealing wine, and generally creating havoc ...

If you'd like her to visit YOU (if you're in Canada / USA), let me know! Roxie is sorting out her itinerary at the moment, and Lulu's passport is ready for your 'journal entries' :)

Here are the highlights of her current American tour :

And some of her notorious past exploits ...


  1. So far, Lulu is going to California, Alaska, Indiana, and New Jersey. Today, she and I are going to see downtown Portland. As soon as the passport arrives, I will send her

  2. she'll be a very well travelled sheep!

  3. I'll take Lulu for a bit if you don't mind. Woolworth is dying to meet her.

    Did you have a plan as to when she should return home? Looks like I'll be back in Aus in Aug (because I just can't stay away) and I could bring her back then. Or she could just keep globe trotting.


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