26 June 2010

Failsafe cuffs

We're nearly a month into the Failsafe elimination diet, and endless days of eating food like this - mostly tasty, but either white, cream, or pale green coloured. Definitely missing stronger flavours like tomatoes and chilli. Bored with it all. A lot.

But has it helped? Not for Dotter or Hubby. There's been no obvious improvement in things like fatigue or joint pain for them (and they have the most severe illnesses). We have yet to do the challenges (they will start next week, and take a few weeks to complete), but we're not very hopeful. Our doctor did say it can take a full 4 weeks before any improvement is seen, though - that falls on Monday. But I doubt it's going to help, or that they're suddenly going to feel better.

However, very unexpectedly, it has helped me! My fibromyalgia has been much much worse since my surgery, even 7 months out. I've struggled to work, or even write emails, because of the brain fog, I've had almost constant headaches, and so on, pretty solidly for months.

For the past two weeks, my brain fog has pretty much lifted, the constant headaches are gone, and, while I'm not full of energy, I'm certainly better than I was a month ago, and these improvements are lasting. I was thinking maybe I'd just had a virus, but my doctor says that the anaesthetics and heavy duty pain meds post-op have really knocked me around (very common for fibro patients), and the low-chemical diet has given my body a chance to recover from the impact of surgery more quickly. I don't need to be on it long term, probably not beyond the challenges, but it's really nice to be able to sit down to a day's work, and actually achieve stuff.

Dotter made this Pikachu costume for a cosplay day at her uni - pretty cool to have cosplay days, hey? Piiii-kaaaaa!

Don't die of shock - some actual knitting content! I had been warned that Bendigo Luxury would stretch after blocking, so I made the sleeves on my Crossword jumper a bit short ... however, they didn't stretch. The length - or lack thereof - kept bugging me. And the crossword fair isle was getting rather grubby, with pilling.

So I cut them off.

Then I picked up the red stitches, and knit a long long ribbed cuff (40 rows) for each sleeve. They're now long enough to be wrist warmers, up to my knuckles! Great for working in my office and keeping warm. And when I need to do messier stuff, I can just fold the cuffs back. SO much better!


  1. Well hooray for the failsafe! It's great to hear from you again, you poor lamb.

    Dotter is adorable! What a sweetie!

  2. What good news, what bad news: at least one of you is feeling the benefit of all the food work!! Typical, knitting only stretches when you don't want it to. Nice new cuff!!

  3. how interesting the diet is working that way for you!

    My luxury grew but I'd crocheted it quite loosely/openly so maybe that's why?

  4. Pikachu was (is) my favorite! She looks great.

    I wish you were all seeing more benefits from the diet but it is good to hear that you are feeling somewhat better.

  5. Glad your diet is helping you. Hope it helps your daughter and husband soon. That costume your daughter made is awesome! And glad to see some stitching is getting done. : ))) Have a good weekend.

  6. love how you fixed the cuff. Have to look into the failsafe elimination diet. Stress is the biggest factor in fibro. I know that the last 4 years at my former job caused me so much pain from the stress.
    Another new thing to learn about-I never heard about cosplay before. Dotter's Pikachu costume is great.

  7. Jejune, the cuff is very pretty. I just love the rich color of the yarn


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