09 July 2010

Something fishy

Dotter turned 19 yesterday. A few weeks ago I asked her what she'd like me to make for her, and she chose this :

It's the Dead or Alive fish hat from Knitty ...

Happy birthday my girl! Um, by the way, did you notice you've got a dead fish on your head?


  1. Happy Birthday and that's a great hat!!!

  2. The eyes do make it! Bobby is doing fine, btw, and adventures will be posted in the next week or so.

  3. I have admired that hat. And it's so beautifully modeled.

    I remember being 19! It's a great age to be. Happy happy birthday to Dotter!

  4. Dotter is such a beauty! And pretty is as pretty does. She does pretty really well! She even makes that hat look wonderful. Good job!!

    Joyous felicitations on the 19th anniversary of her natal event!

  5. That is pretty nifty! You sure have a way with the needles. Happy Bday to Dotter! She sure picks out unusual gifties. Unique! Like she is and you are, too.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Dotter has a great sense of humor and a mum who loves her and will indulge her. You're both lucky!

  7. What a gorgeous fish! And fish model.


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