15 October 2010

Come in for a cuppa!

We've been renting this house in Tuggeranong for nearly 3 years now, and for the first time it's decent enough to show you around! Dotter moving out has instigated a huge spring cleaning; the increased energy and decreased sleep I've got from these very high doses of Prednisolone has thrown me into almost a 'nesting instinct' - almost every closet and room has been turned out now, and nearly the whole house has been de-cluttered and organised in a matter of a few weeks! It's quite insane. I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts!

So - welcome to our home, come in and have a cuppa tea and some homemade cupcakes! Note the all important yarn stash in the front hall (wooden chest, basket and picnic hamper, all full).

I bought these bookshelves with some of my ill -gotten gains from Cracking Codes and Cryptograms for Dummies ...

My Roland electric piano is under the sheet ... I need to get back to playing more regularly.

The trusty exercise bike is positioned so we can watch telly while exercising ...

I love the bay windows in the living room. We have them in the master bedroom too.

The dining table setting is our best piece(s) of furniture, it seats 8 and is really solidly made.

My kitchen! It's a good size, with a gas stove. I made the curtains from a doona cover from an op shop. Spot the handknitted hand towel ...

The family room area is tiled, and adjoins the kitchen.

Dotter did the Phoenix painting when she was in high school.

Petal's food and water bowls, and her flat tray for her toys (she can't get into anything higher!) are on the left there.

The laundry is off the family room. I love my front loader!

My little office is also off the family room. The white plan chest used to belong to Ralph's grandfather and namesake, Ralph Malcolm Warner, who was a war artist.

The mega book cover foam-core posters were sent to me by Wiley, to use in (heretofore non-existent) publicity stuff.

My trusty little desk, MacBook, filing cabinet, comfy chair, and Miss Petal's bed ...

The back section of the house contains two bedrooms, the loo, and main bathroom. I'll draw a kindly veil over Son's room - we're only 1/3 of the way through sorting out his mess :)

Remember Dotter's room (scroll down to the next post)? This is how it looks now! The white desk holds my sewing machine, haberdashery, and beading supplies.

And inside the closet in Dotter's room I made this cardboard divider for some of my fabric stash ... fully green compliant ;)

Miss Petal is all worn out from helping to clean up (cos you know she's so helpful around the place).
Time for our cup of tea and cupcakes! Thank you for visiting!


  1. It is such a lovely and cozy home you have! It appears everything has its very own spot. Thank you for the invitation to tour your home.

  2. Cute cupcakes. Cute puppy. Where is everything though :)

  3. can please do my home now? Even tho my dotter is still here spreading clutter?
    looks really cozy your home! if I ever visit my cousin in Australia, I shall pop in!

    best from tennessee


  4. Aw, that is a great tour. I feel like I was actually visiting! Cute cupcakes, too. Your place looks very clean and organized to the hilt. Good on you ~ I have some closets that could use some of that energy.

  5. *sigh* I am also untidy, and if trying was all it took to change, I would be an expert at tidy by now.

    I'll just snaffle up cupcakes, I think.

  6. Thanks for the tour! I wish I could say my house was so lovely and tidy but alas it is not. Glad you found a good use for your spare bedroom!

  7. LOl can you do my house too?? 7 of us crammed into a small hoause with my stash plus art supplies,LOL Dont forget my spinning wheels!!
    I was thrilled to get these marks though I dont expect to do as well with the next assignment,the essay I felt was a bit rambly? though Im hoping the sculpture one will do ok!
    Thanks for visiting,the low life Ive had to endure for a while at work had sapped my urge to do much,the house is out of control and Im still buying yarn on impulse,though nice yarn of course.Last week I got into the garden and I can feel the good life beginning!! Your house looks absolutely marvelous!!!Well done!!

  8. Everything looks so bright and welcoming. What a lovely home.


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