29 January 2011

Drawing a Day

So, how am I going with my 2011 Drawing a Day project? I've done about 22 drawings in the past 29 days, so not too bad ... plenty of them are boring (the TV controller, a vegetable peeler ...) but since faces and figures are what I want to get better at, I figured I'd better, you know, start actually drawing them.

My last two drawings (from photo reference) ...

Sort of looks like the model, kinda ...

Looks quite a lot like the model ...


  1. Well, your drawing look great, I think your Drawing A Day (DAD??) is paying off!!

  2. Noice woik, Nisi!!
    I particularly like the smile on the second one. Very expressive.

  3. Great focus! I love pencil portraits.

  4. The second one reminds me of the actor who plays Nicola Tesla on Sancturary. I think it's the hair and the half smile.

    You are so talented.

  5. The model is Jeremy Antunes ... the partner of make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin ...


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