07 January 2011

Luscious Loveliness

My friend Joey sent a big box of treats my way this Christmas, and I just have to show off just a sample what she made ....

She is a very accomplished spinner ...

Alpaca + merino :

Merino, alpaca, silk and tea bag strings (I'm thinking tea cosy for this yarn!) :

Linen + merino :
Bunny + silk :

And she is a very skilful knitter!

A Hemlock Ring Shawl in laceweight yarn :

A cute crocheted project bag :

Really stunningly finely knit beaded fingerless gloves :

And a thick and cosy lacework lap rug, which will be wonderful in winter :

There is more yarn, and a string bag (which is camera-shy), and other treats besides ... but you get the idea - really very generous and lovely gifts! Thank you Joey!!


  1. What a fabulous collection of such lovely things. Your friend is so talented!!

  2. Lady Grey is one of my favorite teas. What a clever idea, a tea cozy will be perfect!

  3. Joey rocks!! The teabag yarn tickles my fancy! I gotta try that. The rest of her yarn is awesome as well. Oh, what fun you will have!

  4. Wow!! What a lot of goodies! I do think the tea bag yarn simply must be a tea cosy! good thinking!


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