28 April 2011

Dummies Woman!

A few months ago I was asked to write a little cryptogram for Wiley's employee newsletter, which I was happy to do ... and in thanks they sent me out (by UPS, no less) a 20th Anniversary Dummies Premium Pack, which arrived yesterday.

There's a t-shirt (which fits!), bookmarks, two cold drink / stubby holders (Son grabbed one for his daily can of Mother - which now reads "Mother for Dummies" when the can is in situ, LOL), a watch, and two funny LED flashlights ...

The flashlights are hilarious ... they're made from foamy plastic vinyl stuff, and only about 5 mm thick, with 2 clear LEDs at the end ... and they're printed to look like flashlights, LOL! They also have a magnet in them, so you can keep it on the fridge or wherever. Very cute.

So what with the other Dummies merchandise Wiley have sent me as an author over the past few years (pens, keyring, thumb drive etc), I can now be revealed in public as my true persona - DUMMIES WOMAN!!!

LOL :)

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  1. Those flashlights are clever! I can think of places where they'd be very handy.


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