30 April 2011

A to Z

Here's a funny game to try, invented by M1K1 over at the A Little Bit Crafty blog. You know how your web browser will automatically fill in URLs for you as you start typing? Well, here's what I get for each letter of the alphabet as the first letter typed ...

A: Amazon.com. Need I say more?
B: Blogger.com. Here I am again!
C: China232. A blog that I have some business connections with ...
D: Denise Sutherland. My Author page on Facebook
E: English Language Skills — my latest venture!
F: Facebook, of course
G: Google, my best friend
H: Hyperbole and a Half, the most utterly and insanely hilarious blog in the world
I: Index-L - the international e-mail list for indexers
J: Jejune's Place,a self-referential link
K: Knitty, the best online knitting magazine
L: Lab Tests Online, a useful resource when you have lots of blood tests
M: Mahikari Basics, a site I've helped write and design. Cults. Just say no.
N: National Library of Australia, a resource I use a lot
O: Online Banking, with Westpac
P: Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, a site I have been frequenting much of late!
Q: Questionable Content, one of my regular web comics
R: Ravelry, the best knitting site in the world
S: Sutherland Studios, my business web site
T: Taste.com.au, a great online recipe resource
U: Unravelled, my friend Taph's blog
V: Vocabulary: Funny Words, a recent article I wrote
W: Writing, the writing subcategory on ELS
X: XKCD, another favourite web comic
Y: Your Dictionary, an online resource I use on occasion
Z: Zazzle, Moum! I can roun arcoss the parp!! The image on this mug is my current Facebook profile picture :)

What is YOUR web link alphabet?!


  1. hmmm your list seems to involve a whole lot less on-line shopping than mine.
    and i suspect the reason ravelry didn't come up as my 'r' is that it is permanently open in my browser which is set to reload as is on restart, so i never actually type ravelry.com in! it would be interesting to know the 'matchymatchy' algorithm.

  2. That was very interesting - so many of mine are to do with the weather!


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