14 May 2011


The Old Bus Depot Markets are holding their annual Celebration of Wool tomorrow!  Head over if you're in town and want to sample a wonderful and tempting collection of fleece, yarns, knitted goods, and much more! My pal HappySpider will be there with a stall of handspun and hand-dyed yarn, and knitted goodies! I don't know if I'll make it in (seriously, I do not need more yarn at the moment!) but it is a great event. Just make sure you dress up warmly. I always get freezing feet, so handknit socks and solid shoes are recommended. And fingerless gloves. And a scarf. And do try the hot spicy apple cider. Perfect ...

In actual knitting content (don't die of shock!) this is the Vent d'est vent d'ouest cowl (East wind, West wind). I'm making it for a young friend who has a rare thyroid cancer, and is about to undergo some really horrible and scary neck surgery next week. I hope the possum merino will be super soft and non-itchy for her, will keep her poor sore neck warm over winter, and cover her scars.

The lace pattern is quite easy (I'm not a good one for complicated lace patterns, while I can do them, I just don't enjoy the requisite intense mental concentration to do them well), and the possum merino a delight to work with. The lace pattern will be more apparent once it's been blocked (I promise to post pics once it's finished).

And how could I possibly resist this adorable tape measure? I get to pull its ear off.  Naaaaaaaaaaw.

Hope you're staying warm on this chilly "autumn" (more like winter of late) weekend! A good time to curl up with some hot chocolate, knitting, and a puppy on your lap  :D


  1. The tape measure is too cute! And hot spicy apple cider sounds fab on a cold canberra day!
    I think your friend will love the cowl, very thoughtful of you.

  2. That poor little kitten, I expect the kitten says "Pull my ear"" to everyone!!
    yes, lots of hand knitted things and I know your friend will love the cowl.

  3. WOW, that scarf is so beautiful - and also soooooooo thoughtful. What a wonderful gift and how nice of you. You're good like that! : )))

    And the tape measure is adorable.

  4. Oh, to be in Canberra, when the yarn fest is in bloom! The old bus markets are soo much fun!

    That cowl is awesome. Lovely color, dainty pattern, and all chock full of warm and kindly care.

    (hmm. I know chook is a chicken. Is chock one of those words that mean something else down under?


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