02 May 2011

Look what you can do with a packet of Jacquard iDye Poly!

I would normally never buy anything in a pale apricot, it just isn't my colour. But when I was in Sydney last November for TAM (ie late spring), there were a few very cold windy days, and I hadn't packed for cool weather, so I wandered around Central Sydney looking for something to stop me shivering. This was the only cardigan I could find that 1) didn't cost the earth, and 2) fitted me. There was a massive range of colours to choose from, as long as I only wanted apricot.

Enter iDye ... ! After an hour of simmering in the dye pot, it's looking good! The cardigan is 80% acrylic 20% lycra. It needs a light ironing, but the fabric still feels quite soft, and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it now.

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  1. Cool - I always wanted to dye something. : ) Looks like a nice plum color that will look great on you.


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