21 February 2006

Lacy Bits

This is where my Alene Camisole is up to now - the bodice front and back have been done, and the last few stitches at the shoulders are on safety pins, with extra cotton wound into 'butterflies' and pinned to the straps, to stop them from tangling.

I've picked up 157 stitches along the lower edge - and didn't that take ages, boys and girls... over an hour to get an even distribution. The first section of lace was done on 4.5mm circulars, and now I'm onto the second section of lace which is the same pattern, but on 5.0mm circulars. In another few centimetres, I'll move onto 5.5mm circulars, to get the 'flare' shaping without mucking up the lace pattern. Hell, I can muck up a lace pattern all by myself, without needing to add in increases!


  1. it looks SO beautiful. i hate picking up stitches, after kitchener stitch it is the thing i am crummiest at...
    love that increase method ;)

  2. Looks lovely. Will be so soft and girly. :)

  3. Just don't expect me to wear it to SnB! It's a bedroom or lounging-around-home top...

    That's one of the tricky things about knitting stuff, isn't it - you can't be absolutely sure the style will actually SUIT you until you've finished making the whole thing!

  4. I'm sure it will be lovely. The colour will suit you very well and I'm sure Onymous will enjoy it. :)


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