20 February 2006

Not-So-Unfinished Cardigan

It's getting there! This is my 'Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan' from Knit & Tonic. I'm using 'reclaimed' Totem from an old jumper I made twenty-something years ago, and will be stretching it with navy 8ply. I decided to finish the sleeves before the body, as I'm running out of the aqua, and want to make sure both sleeves have the same colour pattern.

I actually finished the right sleeve last night, after working on it at our Stitch 'n Bitch yesterday (which was a great success - we had tons of people (well, about 15), and lots of fun :)


  1. wasnt SnB the best?? so many super newbies!
    and your sleeve looks great, wont be long now!
    oh, i finished the other front bit of my wrap watching poirot last night, and started the sleeves. will finish by end of the month, must!!


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