22 February 2006


*Someone* stepped on my knitting, more specifically my Tropical Paradise sock, and BROKE one of my 2mm bamboo DPNs!! And bent another one... CRAP and BUGGER!! I suppose I can finish the sock on 3 needles + 1 bent needle... but I'm NOT HAPPY JAN.


  1. Amputate *someone's* offending foot. It's really the only way to feel better.

  2. *Sharpens kitchen knife*

    Right, I'm ready >:|

    I've managed to massage the bent needle back into moderate straightfulness, but it's probably weakened.

    Nothing I can do for poor broken Luc - Luc, Luc, speak to meeeee!!


  3. I have a sneaking suspicion that bamboo satay sticks are 2mm needles in disguise. I'm buying some today to test the theory.

  4. I've just checked the skewers in my kitchen - they're 3.25mm...

    DH has had a go at sticking little broken Luc together with gap-filling Flash (special glue). We shall see... I have to let him rest and mend overnight, and then I'll see how he performs on the sock (this is LUC we're talking about here, not DH ;)

  5. But your knitting is beautiful, even if Luc is a little busted. Hey, men with scars are sexy.

  6. Thank you, Anne :) I like the image of my sexy scarred Luc needle - Maybe he's become a pirate needle LOL!

    Still waiting to see if the glue has worked...

  7. Of course the culprit will have saved you some knitting time. They will only require one sock from now on ;)

  8. ROFL!

    DH just looked at Luc (well, he must have done a *bit* more than just looking) cos it's broken again. Oh well. The glue was a long shot...

    I've heard on the Knitty Forum about glove-length needles, which are like 10cm long... so I think I'll put a bead on the end of the two pieces, and have some lace / glove needles. I'm not going to snap my other 2mm DPNs in half to make a full set of 5, though!

  9. Vale Luc, your life was not in vain and now you are proof of reincarnaton.

  10. I found two cute wooden beads that fit perfectly on the ends of Luc 2, so I have my lace bookmark needles. I've also emailled Ozeyarn to see if they sell replacement needles singly. Worth a try...

  11. It's like something from Star Wars, isn't it...

    I don't know if I can use the mini-Lucs for lace knitting, they are ridiculously short. Maybe a kitsch knitting brooch?



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