28 April 2006

Nanna Wrap

A few weeks ago my Nanna sent all her knitting needles, a few patterns, and a bag of assorted acrylic up to me, which was rather special. Especially the needles, which I'll definitely hang on to. She's nearly 91, and still living independently!

As a thank you, I've just knitted her a wrapy scarfy thing from a lovely rich blue & purple mohair, which I'll post off today after taking photos.

For the record : The Nanna Wrap : 20 stitches on 8mm needles, with 1 ball of Sunbeam Paris Mohair (81% mohair, 11% wool, 8% nylon). Shade 1213. Feather and fan all the way. About 105 cm long, and 16 cm wide. Too itchy for my liking, but hopefully she'll like it!


  1. I had a great time at starsucks with y'all. Still grinning over the various objet d'arte being manufactured by the group; lots to grin over and lots to look at with covetousness. I'm back to my Sunday nite to Wed morning travel habits again, so not likely to hook up again with the group for a while : (
    Yarn diet/UWYH months - seriously!Neither you nor Taph have the living habits for this, ie. yarn acquisition is the breath of life for you both. Let's talk manageable achievements for the pair of yez, you know, like solving world poverty and figuring out what the hell happened to the Labour party.
    The Haggis are drop dead gorgeous. Have linked this post to a blogpal in Edinburgh; I'm sure Jean will think the colonials are hilarious!
    While I feel relieved about the Sister Shawl deadline stretch, procrastination has already set in. Hmmm. I think this says something...

  2. Hello - bugger about the Sunday - Wednesday travails... must DO something about that (a mini-SnB dinner?).

    I'm holding up better than Taph on the UWYH front, I think... but only because I'm just staying out of all crafty and op shops! Besides, she's had MUCH more practice than me - I've only started growing a stash since October last year, so I'm still a mere Grasshopper to the Yarn Master, Taph :)

    The Haggis are disturbingly cute, aren't they? I'd get worried if you start getting herding urges though!

    Soooo, the Sister Shawl is no longer grabbing your attention, hmmm? Just excited at the thought of knitting that border, aren't you? Poor Kate!

  3. Loved progress of Nanna Wrap at last snb. Feather and Fan now firmly etched in my mental 'must try' list... Glad to hear it's finished, bet Nanna is too!

  4. Hello, I think the wrap lovely. I'm trying to locate another source for Paris Sunbeam in Australia aside from Tapestry Craft in Sydney. Any suggestions? Sue

  5. Hi Sue :)

    I got this from Stitch'n Time in Mawson, Canberra and I think they still stock it. You could try giving them a call. Otherwise see if one of the many Aussie online shops stock it, perhaps?

  6. Hi, I found the Paris Yarn I needed. I really like the design you used on the Nanna Wrap. May I ask what the pattern was? I can't crochet but appreciate pattern that have a crochet look to them.

  7. Thanks :) It's "Feather and Fan", which is an easy knitted lace pattern. You should be able to find the instructions in many places on the web, just use Google to find it.

    For the record, this wrap now lives in London with my sister - our grandmother died last year in September, and we sent the wrap to my sister as a special memento, as she couldn't be at the funeral.

  8. That was a lovely idea :) I'll look out for the pattern. I'm making a rather large pink and white baby blanket in a moss stitch with it. It rather looks like coconut ice :) I'd not used the yarn before and actually made it too long. Once I realised this and kept going I was committed to making something twice the original concept! It's taking a long time but it will be very pretty when done.

  9. Hello again.. A question. I tend to cast on in needles a size down from what I knit with, but when I cast off the garment or item end is way too loose. I have tried just using a size needle down for the case off but I'm wondering if I should work one row first with lower size before the cast off row. Do you have any other suggestions?

  10. Hmm, yes, I think that would be a good idea. There are a variety of casting off methods, one might be firmer than another.
    This web site
    has a whole range of methods to try.

  11. Thank you so much. I will look and bookmark. I am waiting on that Paris Mohair to complete this baby blanket that is the size of an elephant calf! :) and I would hate to ruin it with a poor ending!


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