22 December 2006

Oh where, oh where...

Bugger it, I can't find my knitting tool kit! It's getting really annoying now - I've looked in all the usual places (side of my bed, living room, knitting stash box, office) AND all the unusual places (fridge, on hubby's side of the bedroom, bathroom cabinet, washing machine, car) to no avail :( So if anyone's seen my little black make-up bag full of lovely (and some expensive) knitting tools, please let me know. I haven't seen it for over 2 weeks... Hopefully in the end-of-the-year house cleaning it will come to light. I'm starting to suspect Lulu of hiding it away somewhere stupid.

Have been flat out with work, which is NICE in that it's great to have work, and ANNOYING in that I'd wanted to close the business a week ago... so now my holidays are 2 weeks instead of 3. But come what may, I'm on holidays as of this afternoon!

And for those Lulu watchers amongst you (you know who you are), here are her antics from the Thursday night SnB this month. I don't know, stealing roving, and cuddling with B-B. Tsk tsk!


  1. Oi, that's my LimenViolet "Cantaloupe" roving she's mucking about with - bloody necrophiliac sheep.

  2. So sorry to hear about the diabetes. What an adjustment for you all to make. I have several IDDM friends and they are managing well. It's all a matter of getting your head around it and not letting anyone be too much of a Nazi about the BSLs.
    I hope your Christmas and New Year celebrations are good. Take care, Kate

  3. Thanks - they're still not sure if she's Type 1 or Type 2 - she keeps going into these hypoglycemic 'crashes' for no particular reason. Still just managing with diet - seeing the specialist next month.

    And Taph... I've had a WORD with Lulu, and she was singularily uncooperative. Her full response was "Miiiiiiiiiiine!". She is a lamb of little vocabulary (and brain).

    Sigh. I *did* try.

  4. Shameless Lulu! I bet she hid your knitting kit out int he woolshed.

    I tried to comment on your previous post but Blogger was having a tantrum at the time. Sorry to hear about the diabetes. My mum has it and i know what an adjustment it has been for her, but there are lots of good diabetic cookbooks around (I've given her so many that I had to stop myself this Christmas!).

    Take care over Christmas and have a good one - and watch that naughty little lamb!!

  5. I'm loving the Lulu and BB series, Jejune!! I have to say BB was quite lost in QLD without Lulu. He is bleating madly since we returned, desperate to know where she is. They'll have to meet up soon.

    I swear BB has not eaten your lost kit, incase you were wondering. He's fat, and full of sock yarn at the moment, but no stolen knitting stuff!


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