29 December 2006

Murphy's Law

Yes, it was inevitable.... today my dear hubby bought (with some guidance) a set of replacement tools for my lost knitting kit. I'd called Starbucks - nothing in the lost property bin - I'd scoured the bedroom, car, office, living room. Nothing.
But purchase replacement tools? An instant solution - the kit turned up within 2 hours. It had been squished down the back of our couch. Sigh.

But I'm really glad I've got it back, as I had some nifty cool things from an American friend, which would be difficult and expensive to replace!


  1. Isn't it always the way! Commiserations but now you have a travelling toolkit as well as a stay-at-home toolkit!

  2. As I was reading, I was thinking, it'll show up now, just you wait and see!

    Phew. Oh well, now you have a spare set of tools! One to leave at home, one to take out to SnB etc!

  3. Yeah, I reckon you're both right, now I have a going out kit, and a stay at home kit :)

  4. You know, of course, that Lulu hid them!

  5. You know, I rather think she did. Naughty lamb!


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